The path
to college is
full of twists
and turns and
differs student
to student. You may
have no idea where you
want to go or, you may
have your eyes fixed on
a particular college. You
may have lots of options,
or lots of questions.

As a student, preparing
for college is largely in
your hands. However, there are
are lots of points in the journey
where personalized assistance
can make the adventure much
easier, more understandable and
yes, even fun. Odds are you will have
some important people on the journey
as well — parents, friends and
teachers — they can certainly be helpful
but even they can use some expert guidance.

To complete a successful journey to college,
you need to understand the ins and outs of
the college-going process. What is important,
and what is not. How to identify colleges that
might be a good match for you while you gain
a better understanding of yourself and the
factors that are most important your college choice.

There are lots of things to consider: your grades and test
scores, financial needs, interests, personal accomplishments
and how you communicate to colleges that things that make you, you.

Our process is to act as a guide, to encourage you, to point out the
hidden dangers and the points of interest on this journey. We help you
move ahead with confidence to take control of your adventure. Remember,
every journey is different, and it's time to begin your journey now.