Finding the right college is not a formulaic task. All too often a college is targeted using a limited set of criteria. The result is often disappointing. Our approach is developmental. We work hard to get to know all of our clients well. Only after we gain an understanding of a large number of factors that impact the college decision process can we work together to identify colleges that are a good match.

Using the understanding gained from directing college admission offices, we focus on developing strategies that maximize confidence, preparation and opportunities throughout the college targeting, application and selection processes. Tapping our experience in financial aid, we help families understand the options to make college affordable and help avoid the temptation to unnecessarily limit college choices.

Irrespective of the type of college or university you are seeking, we can help you identify great college options. At the same time we can help avoid the pitfalls some of the hidden obstacles along the way.

Now you can tap into our expertize to help you make the transition to college. Working one-on-one we guide you through the entire college planning process. If you need assistance with your college planning, why not contact us now. We can be reached by phone 707.525.0244 or Email us at: